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Institute for Neurological Rehabilitation and Research

With its research facility, the "Institute for Neurological Rehabilitation and Research – INRR“, the Judendorf-Straßengel Clinic is one of the few international facilities working on technology development in neurological rehabilitation. The Judendorf-Straßengel Clinic possesses the most experience with the Lokomat-Therapy worldwide and is permanently concerned with its development. The testing of the Lokomat prototype for children with cerebral damage will commence in the summer of 2005. The focus of the „Institute for Neurological Rehabilitation and Research – INRR“ is primarily on neuro-psychology, rehabilitation technology for upper extremities and on language and speech impediments. In the research sector of upper extremities, the first hand robot was manufactured and already medially presented to the broad public. This technology offers patients the first rehabilitation robot for the hand worldwide. The ORF-programs „Modern Times Gesundheit“, „Steiermark heute“ and „Willkommen Österreich“ devoted reports on this innovation. Also, a technology developed by NASA for patients with multiple sclerosis is applied in the Judendorf-Straßengel Clinic. Special cooling waist coats derived from space technology slightly cool the body temperature. This enables reduced bodily functions caused by multiple sclerosis to be reactivated. Rehabilitative results improve and the quality of life of patients undergoing this treatment rises.

Head of Medical Research
Dr. Peter Grieshofer

Technical Manager - Department of Development

DI Reinhold Scherer