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Life-task rehabilitation

As medical Director of the Judendorf-Straßengel Clinic and Neurologist, I have made rehabilitation my life-task. My greatest concern, and that of our treatment team, is to enable people entrusted into our care to re-enter their accustomed lifestyle, or to considerably improve their quality of life respectively. Cerebral damage resulting, for example, from a stroke, accident or chronic illness, is a deep and decisive event not only for the person concerned but also for the relative. A close-knit quality management, in cooperation with distinguished clinics and specialist departments in our indication area, has enabled us to conduct and adhere to the most modern rehabilitative treatment and diagnostic standards.

Particular emphasis must be put on the fact that only the positive and generous understanding of Austrian Social Insurances made this development possible for this country and required a special Thank You.

Dr. Peter Grieshofer
Medical Director of the Judendorf-Straßengel Clinic
Medical Director of the Mare-Group